Ink – “your faithful promises are my armour and protection” (psalm 91:4)

I’ve been reading “Ink” by Alice Broadway.  It’s an interesting book – I’ve seen some pretty impressive “sleeves” of ink working where I do.  Sometimes the guy with the marks will tell me a little of the story.  Usually it feels rude to ask.  So the idea that your “marks”, your “ink” reflect your soul is a fascinating basis for a cracking good read. (no plot spoiling here)  And it’s young adult fiction so it’s nice and pacy – no chance to get bored.  I guess what I find so interesting is the “what we show others” idea.  And what we hide.  So for me it’s a good read – I chose “transparent armour” for a reason – it was suggested to me by somebody wise as a better bet than being totally opaque and unreadable.  I find revealing my inside world really, really tough.  I am almost but not quite tempted to get a tattoo – don’t think so somehow – painful and expensive.


One thought on “Ink – “your faithful promises are my armour and protection” (psalm 91:4)”

  1. I’ve thought of getting a tattoo and am still very intrigued by them, but I figure my scars serve the same purpose- an outward mark of an inward story if anyone should care to ask. Still loving Transparent Armour!


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