One I prepared earlier

For those of a certain age who remember the classic Blue Peter lines “here’s one I prepared earlier”

Being free to own honestly, a part of my life that is buried deep is like a drink of cold water:

Soaking my feet in a Dartmoor stream after a long trek in boots which constrict and batter yet protect delicate soles.

It’s not easy – I feel vulnerable to rejection and misunderstanding – I shouldn’t have to explain! But I do.

Trying to be honest to who I am is a journey. To be fair, I know it doesn’t tell you who I am.

But it certainly stops me feeling like one who carries a secret wrapped in dark cloth – stashed like a forgotten mars bar in a walkers’ rucksack. Secrets have a way of seeping out.


The good thing about sharing stories is you can compare notes – you get to find that you are not on your own.  Other people have things they find easy to share and those that you take an age walking with them to find out.





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