Good morning Costa!

I’m a shameless costa drinker. I love the habit of pre work coffee watching the sunlight coming through the trees and the wind riffling the pages of my journal in summer or sunk deep in their nice stripy over size armchairs with my bible and a study book in winter.  That sounds so very good.  The reality is that I spend too much of my discretionary “fun and frolics” budget there and it’s becoming a bit of a must have.  When I was 18 I read the classic christian book “celebration of discipline” by Richard Foster.  I was too young for it as both person and christian – it had quite a harmful effect on me in several ways – I could have done with mature people around me at the time to chat it through with but they just weren’t there.  But I do remember his advice to eliminate anything that encourages a physical or psychological dependancy in you.  For me that’s definitely costa coffee!! I’m going for a morning costa free August.

A friend of mine managed a whole month without chocolate and I was seriously impressed.  What’s challenged me is the news from foodbank that they are out of coffee and the fact that we normally have a “summer of prayer” during August, complete with a days’ fast being encouraged.  Not me – I turn into Attila the hun crossed with a German shepherd without food and my medically inclined friends banned me.  But coffee…..I don’t need that do I?!!?

This is their site and current needs list:


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