Loyal Sam

Years ago, a group of us saw the Lord of the Rings films together.  Which was all very well until we remembered one of us had a serious spider phobia.  Not good news when Shelob is lurking in awful gloomy darkness ready to pounce on a tasty hobbit snack. Not long before we’d been to Wales on holiday and also, I think to Scotland.  Big hills, wonky bridges and wet walks, where we returned, smelling as attractive as wet dogs.  So we got to the film scene where Frodo is trying to escape alone to continue his mission.  Without Sam, his loyal friend, who can’t swim. He’s dragged, protesting, into the boat and they carry on into the next book/film together to have more adventures.  My dear friend who had dragged me uncomplaining, above my “I’m terrified” climbing height, and over a bridge with no discernable footway left on – for fun – I enjoyed it! (I think) started calling me “Sam” and laughing!!! Not impressed; for one thing I swim like a seal.  Mercifully it’s not a nick name that stuck…

So here’s the thing, I had a little bit of fun doing a myers briggs freebie quiz recently.  I find personality quizzes entertaining and useful to understand a small bit more about the differences between how I react and how others see the world.  And as long as it stays fun, that’s ok, because people are complicated and they don’t fit tick boxes.

And who should turn up as my “avatar” illustrating my suggested personality type, but the little guy at the foot of the page, my old friend Sam.  Turns out he’s there as an illustration of those of us who score high on loyalty, and being prepared at all times. (ISFJ for those who like this game) That would explain why the most exciting thing about guide camp for me was the pre camp packing list.  And kit inspections – I can still remember “pencil, paper, piece of string, clean white hanky, safety pin, two pence, piece of plaster” which we were required to carry in our capacious blue uniform pockets at all times.  No, I never cleaned my badge on my tie at last minute dot.com .  Going on a operation mobilisation christian mission to Birmingham, sadly Aunty Sal (one of the oldest) always had blister plaster, painkillers, small bible and dry socks to lend out.  Like Sam, I’ve been known to mutter the equivalent of “rope, I always knew I’d need it” when at family “do’s” (my family always forget something vital) and walking holidays.  Suncream – in April?  Of course.


One thought on “Loyal Sam”

  1. Doesn’t everyone carry a paper creaser & tape measure in their handbag? Why not have a mending kit for work which includes titanium (non-stick) scissors, two types of glue, cotton buds & cocktail sticks etc….. not to mention titanium tweezers & the recently added needle & thread. …. Ah yes …… there are plasters lurking in the handbag too……… & a London underground map last time I looked!

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