Ethical greenery

A while ago I worked through a calculate your carbon footprint quiz  And was pleasantly surprised – rarely flying, and not having the cash to buy much put me below the UK average.  Frustratingly if I had the money to double glaze my windows instead of having rattling, contemporary with the house sash windows, I would have scored higher.  But the thing that really let me down was not buying locally produced fruit and vegetables.

I’ve just read Barbara Kingsolver’s brilliant, funny, enlightening book “Animal, vegatable, miracle” which charts her family through a year of attempting to eat locally.  They have a plot of land and animals so that’s feasible for them.  It made me want to go back to having an organic veggie box.  A while ago, this excellent scheme fed me some very odd vegetables, and so much kale that I finally gave in.  I am not kale’s best friend and hiding it in curry only works for some of it.  Researching the various schemes again, I find it will cost me just under half my months food budget for 4 boxes.  Which if I was a vegetarian, I suppose might be viable.  Jury’s out.  I am reaching frustration level with tesco and co-op – while I can see apples on trees in Exeter, they are importing from South Africa and New Zealand.  Any local solutions would be appreciated – in the meantime I will try the real food company. Or eat South African again.


2 thoughts on “Ethical greenery”

  1. I read Kingsolver’s Poisonwood Bible 20 or so years ago – that was thought provoking! Thanks for the calculator link, sash windows are a draughty delight our pile of bricks lacks. Hmmm – the food budget is a tricky one when feeding a carnivore of 6ft 4. Aldi & Lidl help with the local sourcing.


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