Ice cream and mountains

This week has been book ended with beach foods.  Fish and chips at Lyme and sausage and chips at Sidmouth.  Perfect!  Healthy! I always seem to best appreciate summer when it’s going away from me so eating coffee/salted caramel icecream wandering the streets like a tourist is so sweet.  Both occasions involved the gentle, peat dark flow of talk like a Devon stream – two different people, me drifting happily loving that they can talk and I get to listen in on their lives – and am so welcomed to share my own. We paddled – shorts on one Saturday, rolled up boring work trousers last night.  Cornwall is calling me for a proper sea swim.

Beach air makes me drop my shoulders, unclench my fighting fists, breathe.  The cool hot air and salt sting with the sand to dig my toes into, rocks to climb and show off my sure footed skils, the feeling of being very small again.  Just for a while.

My “looking for jobs” mentor suggested a book.  Cheapskate that I am it’s a 40p amazon bargain.  Nathan Foster, “making of an ordinary saint” is like drinking single malt.  A splash of water and the lovely rich, warming, whisky fumes will keep me savouring, slowly for a long while. It’s going to be living with me for a while.  His book, Wisdom Chaser, a whole 87p is making me fall in love with mountains and being outside.  But what flavours both books and makes me want keep reading is his honesty. The kind of raw stuff that spills out of me sometimes when I forget to be so very English as my German friend says! I will go back over it -it’s soul enriching, proper reading – the kind that you need to savour.  I think it’s going to be my silent retreat book and it makes me almost want to dip my toes in the salt water that is “celebration of discipline” his fathers’ book – which I keep putting off reading as a slightly more mature adult!


2 thoughts on “Ice cream and mountains”

  1. A lovely lyrical piece – I can feel the joy in words that tumble & wrap themselves around one another like the sand between the toes……… Disappeared down a rabbit hole of memory lane with Richard Foster, didn’t know about his son whose books look mighty tempting, think I have a professional duty investigate…………… PS – just found the Facebook button to log in with (NB technical dinosaur at large!)


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