Glad to be (not so) grey?

Over the weekend I met a fellow clothes shopping hater.  Who is remarkably well dressed and stylish in my opinion!  But there’s a little bit of my soul that has decided it’s springtime.  Because I have had to buy a whole new “office clothes” wardrobe and I get to choose the colours.  Colour is one thing I am quietly passionate about – I joke that the new not-sure if it is pink or peach shirt matches my eyes but actually I really like it.  It took me 40 years or so to come to terms with pink in all it’s manifestations having had it forcibly bought for me by parent and grandparent alike.  Quietly rebellious I wore it and hated it until it wore out. It’s going to be interesting wearing non uniform grey…..

I’m never going to be someone who wants to stand out – I joked with a friend that I’d like to be wallpaper – to just blend in nicely.  But I am learning to be happy being me in so many other ways.  And a crisp raven black shirt and magpie wing blue jumper are something to enjoy.  All I have to do now is either to grow longer legs or spend an evening taking up petite length trousers by 4 inches.



2 thoughts on “Glad to be (not so) grey?”

  1. Love the combination of black & magpie wing blue. Enjoy! I usually end up folding cuffs over on shirts – then they’re about the right length. I reckon there should be mini petite too, I joke about cutting the extra bit off my trousers & putting it onto my husband’s which are never long enough! It doesn’t work. Great to hear you so upbeat despite the overhanging clothes shopping cloud.

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