Facing old books

Celebration of Discipline is a classic.  I first read it, avidly, bewilderedly, as a student.  I guess I must have gone back to it a lot over the years as my old copy was battered, musty and seemingly I have memorised bits of it!  I found it a bit too much, too intense.  It covered disciplines of my faith that really didn’t help – fasting, study, meditation, simplicity.  I was a new Christian, from a non believing background, with an unexploded bomb of emotional and relational junk waiting to go off.  I hadn’t a clue what Jesus meant half the time and the concept of grace was light years away.  I am still learning the basics of the good news of acceptance and grace many years later.

I passed the book on to a friend and was glad to be rid of it.  But it’s crept in the backdoor sneakily via Nathan Foster’s beautiful, honest books that I’ve already mentioned.  So I bought a second hand copy.  To see if I could relate to it a little better.  And so far, I’m struck by the clear, straightfoward “classic” simple prose.  The man writes well!  And he tells me straight away not to turn the work into rules and regulations.  All of which my teenage self must have missed.

I’m really looking forward to exploring it’s riches and rediscovering the gems of text and learning.  Watch this space…..


2 thoughts on “Facing old books”

  1. I read this years ago & can remember absolutely nothing of it – I shall have to investigate his titles on the SALE shelf in the local bookshop, I can picture the covers: two of them, one a lighter shade of royal blue spatters on white, the other similarly spattered but with a softish magenta. As for the titles………. didn’t lodge in my brain as I sorted SALE stock into alphabetical order. Amazing how some authors stand the test of time isn’t it?


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