“I will be back on Monday”

Parting words to a new manager…

This week has turned the contents of my brain to the consistency of soft scrambled egg, – apparently brains are a little like set yogurt in consistency anyway! (useless factoid of the day) So far my achievements of the week include

  • finding a parking space and getting in on time
  • learning the names of all my team
  • being regaled by one member with Bride-zilla stories of her sister (I’m honoured)
  • having a melt down at 3.50pm (we leave at 4 on Friday) (sorted)
  • learning the space station technical printer and scanner
  • being given a Christmas parcel of all my new stationery
  • trying not to worry that I don’t have my computer set up or printer access and that I have to produce 15 meeting packs on Monday morning.  That is an acheivement because I’m too brain dead to worry!

oh and we are GOING APE team building, well how nice is that?  And Macmillan cake day was good. (I am amazed by the cake eating capacity of the young team)  I feel I am catching up on all the niceties of office world before the phones hit the proverbial on Monday.




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