Going Ape

It’s a interesting thing to do – team building! Today we have corporate “Go Ape” for the customer service department – about 25 people including technical staff and managers.  We are paid to have fun on a rainy-sunny day in the woods, “finding our inner chimpanzee”  I am afraid I am not an ape.  Indiana Jones has a lot to answer for, I think as I cross a rope bridge, high in the tree tops, crawl through a rattan tunnel swinging in the breeze and bottle out of the high level tarzan swing after trying the easy one.

The instructor looks at my paramo jacket and says “I can tell you like being outside” probably becuase it’s old and pretty faded.

Actually I am glad I have nice strong shoulders – it’s quite a climb up the rope ladders onto the platforms.  I cross the logs, wires and step bridges, looking down at lovely green leaves turning autumnal shades – I don’t have any fear of heights it seems.

But I have a massive fear of falling and trust issues.  And no one is clipping my karabiners onto the wire of the zip line- I have to do it myself and trust myself that they will hold my weight.  And I can’t do it.  I’m standing on a platform with colleagues I have met a mere week ago shouting encouragement at me.  Apparently I look truly terrified.  I have to step off.  It takes me what seems like 5 minutes.  I realise no one can get me down so I step off, find it almost fun as I career along with tree branches whizzing by and land on my back in a pile of bark chippings.  I spend the rest of the day taking bark chips out my socks!  I have 3 more of these beautifully terrifying moments – by zip wire four I am almost enjoying myself and can get myself off the platform without hesitation.

we seem to be a fun team; there’s a lot of loud yelling and swearing and we raid the pastries afterwards.  Everyone is hyped on adrenaline and the thought of a couple of hours of corporate speak afterwards makes me want to take a nap.. hard day at the office I feel.



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