Life is a beach

A lot of my time on “not very silent retreat” (I did cheat) was spent either sitting on a wet rock wave watching, taking photos of waves and getting wet sodden trousers chasing waves and beachcombing.

Here’s some of the evidence.  It’s a beautiful exciting beach – storm lashed, truly hidden at high tide, lots of coloured twine, hunks of wood, cuttlefish bones, buzzard feathers – plastic tat and the odd shoe all turn up to be looked at, photographed, squirelled in sodden jacket pockets.

Love it there.  Got to wait til April to go back.  I have finally found some ways to cut down being hyperactive, I am finally learning how to meditate on scripture because I have found a way to be still.  It’s working so far, going through Mark’s gospel slowly on a weekend….mostly/sometimes.



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