Sleep walking

For those who don’t always feel like shaping up to the commitments they have made!

When the morning is dark and the bed is cosy and you have had about 3 hours sleep because of new job sick level worry. (however pointless – I am a perfectionist, which is a nasty character trait that I occasionally remember to mute) It is a little less than attractive to go on an organised walk.  Especially when you realise you have the ingredients for a very unappealing pack lunch.  And it’s flat (Tiverton canal) and short (5 miles) But I have new overtrousers to try out so I kind of half hope it rains and sling the rucksack, avoiding the temptation to errant coffee drinking instead of much healthier for me bible reading! I need to touch base with Jesus a little in the morning even if I am as attentive as reading the phone directory.  It’s a good habit.

The photos are the evidence that being outside is good even in November.  The Tiverton hunt swanked by in hunting pink with courtesy and tradition, there were leaves of bronze and brilliant green algae on the canal.  And I finished with a one scone cream tea to make up for the lunch.  Tomorrow is a sparrow fart early walk with Sandy who is down from Gloucester and wants the company of someone mad enough to go walking with her at 8.30am


2 thoughts on “Sleep walking”

  1. Sympathise with the sleepless worry bit – had one of those nights too!! Touching base with Jesus – even if just the scripture on my Gospel Gems calendar is a habit that is needful……… Hope you enjoyed the early wander & avoided the wet………. ton the other hand maybe the trousers needed testing. Here we go hurtling into another week……..


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