Ghost town

Lidl’s new RDC (Regional Distribution Centre) is a massive grey box with an extensive car park.  I expect it to be packed but when my little VW Fox crawls in hesistantly, it looks like a concrete wasteland.  Perhaps they work shifts?  Perhaps they take a workers bus – I know from Trans Plant days that there is one?  I’m strangely excited – it’s shiny and new (Madonna reference as well as the Specials) and gives me that cathedral sense of wonder as  I enter the main lobby and crane my neck to see where the weird coloured wires sculpture leads.

I’m lead to a very clean, very new looking, unchipped desk with a fantastic view which seems to be right on the Exeter airport flight path.  We get a very nice sunset later in the day and the over keen electronic shutters go up just in time for me to enjoy it.  The job is drearily same-y standard temp fare of entering survey record cards of some new store somewhere at a location I probably shouldn’t reveal.  Lots of it.  I batter away, keenly – we get another two days wages out of this so I want to impress! It’s certainly a marathon not a sprint.

People put very odd things on surveys!  It’s the entertainment for the day.  Everyone likes a nice spacious car park it seems. These are the “yes” surveys, I hope that I get the rude comments to type up tomorrow.

The strangest most ghost towny bit is this place is huge – filled with glass cubicles, and break out areas with not so comfy looking seating – and the offices just look under occupied. I know there’s an army of minions in the warehouse – I typed up the training records in Trans Plant, but the office occupants look to be in transit from somewhere else. I have lunch in a spacious and very chilly kitchen all alone and it’s a little bit like the prisoner set.  Going out the door in the evening I get a glance at the high spec beautifully clean warehouse and spy a Jungheinrich reach truck – nice to finally see one after all the previous work conversations at Trans Plant.  It’s big and yellow and charging up for the next shift.  I feel slight nostalgia for that cold little office which doesn’t last too long.

If I hadn’t been temping, I would never have seen this place. Treasures of darkness comes to mind.


2 thoughts on “Ghost town”

  1. Good to hear there are some little glistening gems…….. treasure indeed. My colouring pencils emerged from their box last night & I delved into my newly acquired Journaling Bible, at least I can colour inside the lines but not sure if I’m wandering into strange territory, still – the result was thinking of you with prayer!


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