Swim, bike, run.

Well not quite! Definitely not run.  I’ve just finished reading the above titled book by Alastair and Jonny Brownlee on the joys and hardships of top level triathlon. They state that 10% of the training is hard and unpleasant, including swimming at 7.30am on cold winter mornings.  I went to the gym at 8am this cold, winter morning – and turned in a few weight circuits and a little time on the bike before hitting the very cold showers and crawling off in defeat for a pre church coffee with my gym small change…..here’s the summer training difference (the showers are freezing, summer and winter) I see I’ve gone up a weight grade – 3kg instead of 2kg!!

“Sweet fresh air wakes me early: I sit with God in silence – as you can do with a good friend. I tell him I think it’s a waste of time – sitting, doing not a lot except drinking coffee with the maker of the universe?  I tell him about the book I’ve been reading, the email conversation reviewing the book and my “sorry” list and how I am glad he’s a Father. Read a psalm. It’s not rocket science.  The gym smells of cold and clean, which is novel – it’s usually close, in need of love. I walk through, wonder what it would take to be able to lift those weights – I lift the smallest -I’m built compact! So I knock out a 1000 metres rowing, pretend I’m on the water: rowing clubs are full of snobs – a rejected colleague tells me -she trained with them once. I hit the bike, do rolling hills; I love the programme graphic while I watch the early swimmers thrash the pool.

And the sweet fresh air wakes me, Showered and fresh out of the gym. I tell God I’ve worshipped him with my body; Pray I focus on him better with mind and heart

Standing with my family, singing in church.”


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