Black & White

Facebook is filled with black and white, so, as I have a little time off……I am enjoying the chance to relax and refill extremely depleted emotional batteries.  Thank you winter and job issues! I am admitting it here because I am stubborn and it’s taken me four years to realise that each winter I get increasingly blue.  Add temping to the mix and I steadily realise that it’s rest and be honest or go down the slippery slope to more solid depression.

There’s no way I want that – my last encounter with that monster was 20 years ago.


One thought on “Black & White”

  1. That monster is very tenacious so take care of yourself. Self-care is a definite must……….. easier to write than do but the consequences of not doing are not to be contemplated………… onto the next task on the list?!! Chocolate break over.


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