Animals sensibly hibernate in winter. A thick winter coat and summer weight hopefully gets them through.  It’s not guaranteed I guess. As a bookgroup we are reading “those who wait” by Tanya Marlow.  It’s suggested that we do this as a meditation for advent.  So far I have read my way through the bible bits and enjoyed them and binned the idea of the reflective exercises as too challenging.  She suggests drawing a small clock and writing around it’s face the things we are waiting for.  Today, the light has chinked it’s way through – walking in the morning on the beach, and I have tried the exercise suggested. (with a good deal of coffee in a very noisy pre Christmas coffee shop)

It’s fair to say it looks more like a Christmas tree bauble than a clock! I had red, green and pink biros with me in the rucksack depths. No one said it had to be boring monochrome.  Waiting – I am appalling at this at the best of times.  Active by nature and easily bored.

Waiting for new lenses to sort sore eyes, waiting for the eyes to sort their perceptual issues out and stop behaving like one of those irritating “is it a young girl or an old lady” perception drawings, waiting for a new job that isn’t data entry, waiting to feel a tad useful; other things that I can’t write down in a blog.  I’m too English says my German friend!

There are things on my list that I can wait for all I like but they won’t happen, but there are things there that I need to have hope for.  And maybe plan for and even talk about?

Advent waiting.


3 thoughts on “Hibernation”

  1. Waiting, oh waiting………. & then waiting again………….. it repeats. The clock stumped me too – love the idea of a multicoloured one, resisted the idea of using a protractor for regular spacing of the hours but confess to using something circular to draw round. The exercises – the book nearly hit the wall……… but plough on. Life is waiting…….. . Waiting with you too, & you dottyruthie.


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