Thank you and chocolate log

Big thank you’s to the lovely people (more than I realise) who read this.  And who have asked if I’m ok.  I really appreciate it. And to chocolate log for making Christmas accessible to someone who can’t eat dried fruit (what a pain for Christmas and Easter but I can eat 99.9% of everything else) Ok I know it’s not Christmas yet but I had to buy my parents a chocolate log and this sneaky icy branch slipped into my share of the shop too.

It’s not classy, not special, certainly doesn’t contain “ganache” or real anything.  It’s ordinary and I like it.  And to the people who have made me laugh – unintentionally – sparse vegetarians you know who you are!

I need a Christmas break from writing so don’t panic.  In the classic words “I will be back”  (They’re not my wellies – just liked the picture)DSCN2916


2 thoughts on “Thank you and chocolate log”

  1. Absolutely love the picture. And thank you for making me realise I could join in……… just because of the chocolate log, whereas more often than not I abstain politely. One of the nicest, just because it was simply log & eaten with friends. Thank you!


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