Christmas Songs

Listening to “Christmas Songs” (well I was…..)

Jesus honouring, word centred, heart challengingly beautiful

I have a God who is “the humblest of kings”

Who understands.


I am still amazed I get day to day access to the 999 call centre

A lowly fax collecting temp, with an access all areas pass.

Watching and listening to the frailty of the call handlers,

Stretched, green uniformed, dark officed, quietly gentle.

Despatching scarce resources, 24/7.

Life savers.

If my job hadn’t gone, I wouldn’t know how the system works.

I’m privileged.

Don’t ever abuse ambulance 999.




2 thoughts on “Christmas Songs”

  1. Thought provoking. Couldn’t agree more, having had the help of the call handlers when a colleague collapsed, reassuringly calm & sending help, a voice advising when I’m out of depth & God providing the caring hands of His people to help.


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