“I can feel a new book coming on”

So says the little tin I got for Christmas!  A money box for future books.  Along with the “fetch me a beer” socks….different givers, but both unusual ideas that made me smile.

I don’t know why, but I rarely get books for Christmas. Possibly this is because if I am given a book I will stick my nose in it, read until my eyes are sore and emerge, blinking, for meals and grunt instead of making conversation! So I create book lists in goodreads and then try to find the recommends on devon library catalogue.  1 out of 11 so far success rate.  So I am grateful for the little book tin and will need to fund it out of one of my budget categories….thanks to a previous work colleague, I have one called “fun and frolics” for books/films/coffee/spontanteous anything!!

I’ve just achieved my goodreads reading target.  I guess it gives me something to aim for and I can snoop on others books and rob good ideas to read.  It amazes me how different people’s reading habits are.  I gave up making new years resolutions years ago, but I try and target my spending and set a few “it would make me happy if this happened” goals so that I have something to talk about with my friend Sandy when we walk up a big hill and she’s asking me deep and meaningful questions while I am trying to simply breathe!

I love that my friends push me and encourage trying different things – and books – otherwise I would follow the same happy pattern until boredom forces me to try something different and challenging!


3 thoughts on ““I can feel a new book coming on””

  1. A delightful gift that tin & all done getting to your goodreads target. Treating myself to a novel after a very useful & informative tiny tome on a theological matter. So, happily go to sleep having read the latest instalment on finding the culprit who threw a body into the cesspit, being enlightened by medieval trepanning & solutions to ingrowing toenails along the way….. Happy New Year.


      1. The Unquiet Bones by Mel Starr followed by Evangelical, Sacramental & Pentecostal (yes I know it’s not in the same vein but it’s certainly enlightening & has me quietly excited that I’m finally getting somewhere with glints of sunlight & ‘aha’ moments plus a pencil in hand marking passages).

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