A house through time

Never mind “1066 and all that”, I have just borrowed a library book called “1965 the year that modern Britain was born.”  I have a very obvious vested interest in 1965, and straight away checked the look up table of key events – strangely enough my birth wasn’t listed!  It also seems slightly unnerving to be reading a history book of the year I was born…..

I grew up with a passionate love for all things history – Nelson’s sailors and ships, Roman soldiers and arms and armour being my personal childhood obsessions (along with cars and model soldiers  – poor mum!) An enthusiasm carefully stoked in intensity by my history and facts loving dad.  It didn’t make for easy friendships but it’s lasted as a true love for life! A history degree temporarily ruined my enthusiasm……..

I’m lazy though.  I can’t be bothered with family history – digging around, too little imagination and fun.  I’m ashamed to say I don’t have the patience.  But I have loved watching “A house through time” presented by David Olusoga on BBC2 this week.

A middle class Liverpool house and the stories of its occupants through the years, brought to life.  I am very impressed with the research done, and it makes good TV, with a twist in each tale so far, a hint of mystery and some very interesting characters which have fuelled my thinking while doing a fairly dry day job.  I’m keenly looking forward to future episodes!

My arty friend has made me laugh into my coffee today telling me that there will be a civic “blue plaque” unveiled for “Mary the pigeon”.  Once I had finished choking at her description of it being like “warhorse with feathers” I had to go home and look up the story of this Dickin medal winning bird…I am truly surprised – I had never heard of the story and it’s a good one!  Go look it up.


3 thoughts on “A house through time”

  1. Slowly catching up with your posts after 10 days of managing a shop & staff, I’m glad to hand the reins back! I often wish houses could talk – what sights they’ve seen & what alterations they’ve endured, what did they look like in all their finery when first lived in……….. & then what were the inhabitants like, why is there a new inner door – perhaps something to do with the 1960s floods. A pigeon with a blue plaque? shall have to go investigate………..

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