Reflections on Luke (1)

Our church is majoring on the bible book of Luke this year.  So I’m writing a few reflections as we go through.  The first stanza is story based reflection – I am not imaginative so I can’t picture the scene – I have to think my way round with words and text.  My second stanza is reflection – I’ve cut it a little as it’s mine and personal.  What would you say if you had been there, watching all this?

“Lord if you are willing, you can heal me and make me clean.  Jesus reached out and touched him. I am willing he said, be healed” (Jesus meeting a man with an advanced case of leprosy)

I can’t imagine the state of desperation of this poor man.  An advanced case of leprosy, no cure,  pain sensors wrecked, so much damage and disfiguration.  And above all the isolation: apart, condemned to a lonely life with other sufferers, no future.  No hope.  And unable to worship in the temple.  He’s unclean.  Not holy.  Someone who will contaminate with his very touch.  And yet in him is a little match flare of confident hope and he comes to Jesus and begs him, on his knees to make him clean.  Such a risk, yet maybe he’d seen this truly compassionate man touch and heal others.  He asks to be made clean before anything else – a heart needing worship and God’s recreating love.  And Jesus touched and healed him, making him clean, declaring him acceptable. No wonder he couldn’t keep quiet. No wonder he’s shouting his healing and God’s praises to all who will listen.

Lord, help me come to you with the areas where I find it very difficult to talk to you ………………..(provide your own blanks!) You tell me, gently, to remain in you. Help me remember I have a God with a gentle touch, a Father who has made both men and women in his image, who doesn’t and won’t reject us, who is love.


One thought on “Reflections on Luke (1)”

  1. Thought provoking – the leper’s wish to worship – makes one think, how many of us look forward to worshipping?? Is it a duty, a habit, or something that comes out of a reality of hunger for God……………?


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