Fantastic Scones and Where to Find Them

A little bit of light relief after an intense day of details and learning a new data system which left me hating I.T. more than usual – it kept crashing at significant moments.

“I feel a little praise song is due for the wonders of the humble cheese scone. I’m trying to lose a little weight to fit my interview suit and having carbohydrate fantasies.  As my walking friend says, all I need to do to lose a little is drop a few carbs and the weight crashes off.  She doeesn’t think it’s fair but says she’ll survive a new ice age and I won’t……..

The National Trust have earned my ire, replacing their very tasty plain scones with over fruited monsters. A baited trap for unwary cream tea buyers with weird raisin avoidance issues.  I did think, in a moment of madness, of covering a cheese scone with cream and jam. And then thought perhaps not – some experiments are best not made.  Chutney doesn’t go with clotted cream even for a dyed in the wool Devonian.

So here’s my top 5 list of the best cheese scones and where to find them based on recent experiments.

1. The M&S cheese scone – warmed (amazing)

2 The Waitrose cheese scone – warmed (equally amazing, not so keen on the coffee)

3 The Otterton Mill cheese scone.  Worthy, healthy, fantastic after a long walk (lots of butter)

4 The Exeter Library cheese scone.  Very, very worthy (brown flour)

5 The Lee Abbey tea cottage cheese scone. Seasonal to summer and a long way to go. Lots of mustard. Lovely garden and people though.

And the best and most odd cream tea award ever goes to Charlie Fridays of Lynton for the chocolate chip scone (warm) with clotted cream and nutella. Put it on the bucket list.  It’s probably best not to move for an hour afterwards.


One thought on “Fantastic Scones and Where to Find Them”

  1. Wholehearted sympathies, menu designers just don’t know what havoc they play when they change a recipe!!! The plain variety is hard to find these days & I always considered them rather special with a flavour all of their own. Hope you’re well on the way to getting into the interview suit.


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