Sleep – The Final Frontier

Well, I liked the title.  It’s rare that facebook is helpful, or provides something even a little life changing.  But last week there was a very informative video clip by someone who is a professor/author on sleep.  And his little video covers how to get a great nights sleep.

All of the information I should know – I am a sporadically dreadful sleeper whose brain will not shut down at night! But practicing what I know is hard work – especially when it’s less than comfortable.  The idea is to go to bed at a consistent time – not a problem, avoid screens – ok I can cope – but getting up at weekends the same time as in the week – that’s 6.30am on Saturday and Sunday?  That’s less exciting.

So far I have done it for one week.  I’m sleeping – just waking every 2 hours, which is progress. Apparently, your brain gets used to using bed as a place to be awake and think.  I’m good at thinking so that’s not helpful.  I’ve even managed to dream – which is odd for me – Dad and I are people who don’t dream – or remember them!!

The positive benefits are that I’ve done early morning ironing (not my favourite task),  getting to costa at 7am on a work Friday – to celebrate sleep and the weekend and a ridiculously early long walk today. Tomorrow I’m hopefully off for a swim. I want to try reprogramming my brain so I can sit down and chat to God in the morning – I am struggling with tension and not being able to sit still – my job contract ends in 6 weeks. I suspect the same approach is true – being there, going back to praying through “Celtic Morning Prayer” as a nice basic framework.  I will see if it works.



One thought on “Sleep – The Final Frontier”

  1. After years of difficulties sleeping it’s finally clicked into gear & I’ve even got into a routine of being awake & out of bed around 7.30am (can’t quite manage your early hours). Years of hotel shift work alternating between ‘earlies’ & ‘lates’ with some ‘all day, all night & all day’ events when night staff didn’t turn up have something to answer for. All the best with your strategies – they sound very sound, ahem, shall rephrase that…….. they seem very sound to me. Thinking of (& praying for) you!


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