Snow day

blogging on a phone is hard work. Today I tried to use the Library computer but it annoyingly crashed and lost the blog and also the plot. Snow days have meant the repair man and I haven’t managed to get the laptop sorted. However I do have a working boiler. Apparently its got electrical tape around a vital part until a new bit comes in. I’m just grateful it works as it chose to crash when outside was minus 5…swearing over toast while wearing your

jacket is not a good start to the day . But I did get a chance to play…making a snowman that looked more like an igloo. Crafted with chunky bits of ice and it served to rescue the poor daffodils. Walking to the canal first thing I watched black headed gulls in full summer chocolate hood plumage skating for the olympics on the frozen water. After about an hour and a half I found exe coffee roasters for toffee and winter treacle tasting cappuccino. And a croissant because they were fresh and filled the little shop with warm toasty smells. The other two customers and I left a wet trail of snowy prints along the worn board floor. I get out the habit of savouring things so it’s good to keep trying!! I’m reading Richard Templars the rules of life. It’s a book that feels like secular proverbs as much as self help. Kind of observations on the way the world operates and good values to treasure and practice. we had a sermon on bible wisdom and someone quoted a lady who read self help books on holiday because she wanted to keep learning. I’m finding it fascinating and a great way to start a dialogue with what I think from a bible background. That’s a bit clumsy and pretentious..i just like being made to think about life and how to do stuff well.




2 thoughts on “Snow day”

  1. Hope your sick computer & boiler get better very soon, we’ve decided we have to invest in a snow shovel! Mmmm – toffee & winter treacle sounds interesting. Pity gulls aren’t equipped with the equivalent of snow tyres………


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