The maths of cake

I’ve struggled with maths and numbers all my life.  I remember extra maths during playtime – hundreds tens and units instead of running amok.  No way to sell the idea to an active child. And extra coaching.  A variety of maths teachers and a mum whose brain is a calculator.

Result = fear cubed

And maths avoidance.  Oh I passed my O levels due to a good teacher fortunately who taught bits of maths like matrices and vectors which are visual and made sense.

In this job I have a colleague who teaches by learning style.  So, this visual learner, with a passion for having my cake and very definitely eating it, has finally learned fractions.  By adding and subtracting “virtual” cake slices.  I have even bought a children’s visual maths book.  All proving that you are never too old to learn something new, and that trying to cut cake into 20 virtual pieces is a challenge!!!


One thought on “The maths of cake”

  1. Goodness – I’ve never heard of matrices & vectors. I loved quadratic equations once I was shown how they worked. Sounds like you’ve been given a key there…….. Must admit I’m tempted sometimes by the children’s books about God.


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