The city and the city

Last night I watched the first installment of BBC2’s dramatisation of China Mieville’s interesting, thought provoking and thoroughly weird book “the city and the city” We read it in bookclub and it provoked discussion!  It’s fair to say that I watched the drama and wondered what on earth I would make of it if I hadn’t read the book.  I’d really love to hear from anyone who did see it and hasn’t read it first.

A dark view of two “cities”  One shiny and modern, one seedy, heavy with some kind of political thought police.  A time warp of old phones and tech, peeling posters and cheap suits, heavy with smoke.  The background blurs and it’s not my eyes – citizens must “unsee” the other city which co-exists within their own. Great characters, interesting plot – I’m looking forward to next week.

In bookclub we reflected that we often “unsee” things. I know that applies to the homeless in society, but maybe I’m guilty of unseeing people I don’t know how to relate to as well.  People who serve? TV news – too awful?.  It’s easy to walk around in my own headspace, ignoring what is under my nose.




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