Cake, white linen and neanderthals….

It’s been an interesting week really.  It started with a sermon that made me think.

I heard echoes of the rider on the white horse whose name is faithful and true

who leads out the armies of heaven dressed in white linen. (no not a sermon on revelation – but on Habakkuk!)

And I thought, what an impractical uniform for war.  Wearing linen I feel on egg shells each mealtime for spills, dressed in my best with the breeze blown through the weave.

White wear for a bride, not the blood of battle.  Only an army confident of overwhelming victory is going to war in such a suit.

Then I went home and watched a programme on BBC 2 on neanderthals.  Like you do!

I’m hooked, can’t wait for the next installment this Sunday.  Recreating a man’s face from a skull, 3D graphics, “neanderthal avatars” trying out kick boxing and break dancing…(BBC2 Neanderthals/meet your ancestors) Fast, powerful and lethal in a fight. I used to talk TV history programmes with my good friend Carol and I am sure she’d have loved this one. Maybe blogging about it honours her memory somehow.

Today I sat in the morning sun on a ratty picnic table with a manager in sunglasses with a cake box under her arm being fed distilled hope on my job.  Friday is a very nice place to get to.

Thank you for bearing with a little whimsy.  Especially as I’m stone cold sober.  Not even a bud “prohibition beer” in sight.


4 thoughts on “Cake, white linen and neanderthals….”

  1. Now let’s see if I can leave a comment this time……….. I love this salad……… especially as it doesn’t have to negotiate my digestive tract. Red full flavoured plum tomatoes of biblical nuggets with crunchy sticks of cucumbered sentences amply sprinkled with seeds of faith goes down rather well……… As to wearing white – impossible whilst unpacking dusty boxes & the like……….

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    1. That worked – finally, I wonder if wearing white in those olden days meant that you had an amply supply of linen to rip up as bandages, it might have been very practical & there is the small matter of needing something white to use as a surrender flag???


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