Sparrow O’Clock

In summer the sparrows are waking at 4am. There’s a “chack chack” chorus from the greenery over the back wall.  With a light accompaniment of thin, thready song, which I suspect is robin wake up warbling. I’ve been sleeping in the back bedroom as the sash window isn’t so busted and opens letting in more breezes.  And air con hum from the shop over the wall, and breaking bottles from the bottle bank..and the sparrow alarm clock.

They dust bathe in my back yard.  Perch on the fence, dart down to flick feathers and find crumbs and whatever else sparrows find in moss and basic pottery pots back yard.

If they didn’t wake me up so early I would think more of the fact that Jesus talks about God caring about them and me, and less about why the heck they are so very noisy and unmusical!



One thought on “Sparrow O’Clock”

  1. They are noisy aren’t they? The first brood has flown & it looks like we’ll have a second one in the nest box by the bathroom adjacent to my workroom. It’s very quiet at present. We’ve had a robin visiting recently which has been lovely to see. As I write I can hear little cheeps – not quite sure what of but I think another pair of sparrows have set up home just by my window; the roofers did say they’d blocked the opening last year when it was empty, I asked them to check first. Clever little creatures & I do think God has a soft spot for them…………


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