Library Happiness

I grew up with a library card – a real life piece of orange card;

that got stamped, I think.  It was my ticket to hobbits, knights, adventure books, history.

An omnivorous reader, I still haunt the place.  The card is on my keys now alongside an enamalled bear.

What harm we are doing reducing their funding.  How do people survive without them?

Where else would I come home with a book about a Samoan MMA fighter I have never heard of (I wanted a thin biography) (Mark Hunt) a murder mystery (Sister Fidelma – Irish crime solver extraordinare) and an order for The time travellers guide to Restoration England?!!

I spend a solid amount of time in the garden, freezing my feet off sitting on a plastic wicker chair in the cool of evening, reading into other worlds.

A cup of tea and the sounds of neighbours, the cheeps of the sparrows and the hum of the road through summer open windows.


One thought on “Library Happiness”

  1. Once I discovered Narnia at the library – I couldn’t stop, then it was biography after biography in my 30s & when I needed to broaden my horizons amongst secular fiction when I worked in a privately owned book & classical music shop. Adore Sister Fidelma, but not managed to read any recently.


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