A good summer read

I’ve just read “Undivided” by Vicky Beeching. What a book! She writes so very well, crafting her story which includes growing up, a burgeoning stateside career in music, subsequent adventures into advocacy and journalism, TV and of course book writing.

But the main theme of the memoir is her struggle with her sexuality and the anguish of finding her courage to “come out” to the church and wider music world.  It’s heart-breaking. I am not surprised she became ill with the pressure. The sheer nastiness of the opposition to her would break anyone. She documents a botched up prayer ministry session, utter loneliness, mental anguish and increasing detachment and isolation.  The unbearable pain of not being real, of finding no one to share the struggle with.

She also writes about her theological journey. She’s a careful, intelligent thinker and a candid one. I would buy this book for youth leaders, pastors and anyone supporting friends who have the sheer guts to “come out” to them.  It took me three evenings to read and I loved it – with reservations!

But, and this is a gentle but, because I am not sure it can be anything other than that, I am now reading it again, with my thinkers head and pen and notebook.  Vicky is a superb writer and the gentle force of her story and prose argument have carried me along.  And I know we differ in theology and I don’t want to be carried away by my heart.

It is a well crafted arguement by a passionate advocate. And there are different books with different stances on the same passages in the bible.

Reading it, I am grateful for wise people who have loved me into openesss, prayed for me, and modelled both sturdy faith and good-enough marriages and the complementary beauty of sturdy faith and good-enough singleness.  I think I might have pulled hard for a same sex relationship if I had read it twenty years ago and not been well supported. As it is, I find the book “reads” me and echoes my own slow crawl into open honesty.

It’s a good book to start a dialogue, as a talking point not a secret buy, as a conversation  regarding more traditional teaching on homosexuality, as a cracking good summer read.


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